Woody Woodpecker returning to the silver screen?

woody-woodpecker-2-universal.jpgHa-ha-ha-HAA-ha! Woody Woodpecker might be returning to the big screen.

Illumination Entertainment, the company behind " Despicable Me" and the upcoming " The Lorax," is working on a film for Woody according to the Hollywood Reporter. The team of John Altshuler and Dave Krinsky, who co-wrote the Will Ferrell film " Blades of Glory," are being considered to develop the animated project.

The pesky bird was made his film debut in 1940 and was a TV mainstay for year. Woody Woodpecker became so popular over that he was featured in numerous video games and amusement park rides. He even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

So Zappers, are you interested in Woody making a comeback?
Photo/Video credit: Universal