'Workaholics' video: Zac Efron drops his pants to beat Seth Rogen

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"Workaholics" had some fun with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen for a video in which the two comedy stars (both appearing in the movie "Neighbors") compete for a space in the cubicle with Adam, Blake and Ders.

WARNING: This video has a lot of very NSFW language.

Efron pretty much dominates the competition, only partially because he apparently has an amazing penis.

When you add that to his dominance at charades, a sexy lap dance, being the right age and the fact that even Efron's testicles are seemingly ripped, of course he has to beat Rogen. After all, that guy's penis is compared to a "Sesame Street" character and to a Mogwai from "Gremlins."

Alas, Efron and his stunning man parts are not likely to be regulars on "Workaholics." He has a film career and all. Instead, just the regulars will be on the show, airing Wednesdays on Comedy Central.

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central