'World of Jenks' Andrew Jenks helps give young people in touch circumstances a voice

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andrew-jenks-world-of-jenks-mtv-325.jpg Zap2it: How did the idea for "World of Jenks" come about?

Andrew Jenks: The idea was to give young people going through tough circumstances a voice that would not get a voice as wide as MTV. One issue I was keen on delving into was a young person facing death because there are obviously a lot of 20-year-olds that are going through terminal illness, or something that hard. And it would be tough to relate to that. ... So we did all this research and met with different camps that take in young people over the summer, and we could not really find a young person that I felt really did the trick. And at one point in a meeting, I said, "Why don't we just Google 'young person cancer'?" And a blog came up. It was Kaylin, and I was reading the blog, and holy cow, she is able to articulate what she is going through well. [She wrote] "Chemo is sort of like the worst hangover you ever had, only you are going through it every day of your life."

Zap2it: Is there a theme that links the subjects?

Andrew Jenks: I was interested in doing something on violence and someone sent me [ D-Real's] video of dancing in the rain. We knew from the video his brother and best friend had both been shot in Oakland. ... He was letting out his emotion the only way he knew how, which was dance, and then it turned out he was starting dance battles all over Oakland.
Photo/Video credit: MTV