Writers Guild Award nominations: 'The Social Network,' 'Black Swan,' 'Kids Are All Right'

thesocialnetwork.jpgThe Writers Guild of America announced the nominees the movie portion of its annual awards Tuesday (Jan. 4), and the usual suspects this awards season are pretty much all there: "The Social Network," "Inception," "The Kids Are All Right" and "Black Swan" all scored nominations.

OK, maybe not all of the usual suspects. The WGA only considers films that are made under its labor contract, The Wrap notes. That means that a few possible contenders in the screenplay categories for the Oscars -- notably "The King's Speech" and "Toy Story 3" -- aren't among the guild's nominees.

Still, the movies the guild has nominated are pretty much what you'd expect, with the possible exception of "I Love You Phillip Morris," which hasn't gained much steam at the box office or in the larger awards discussion but is up for best adapted screenplay at the WGA Awards.

The Writers Guild Awards will be presented Feb. 5. All the movie nominees are after the jump (nominees for TV were announced last month).

Photo/Video credit: Sony Pictures