Writer, producer return to 'Silent Hill'

silenthill_290.jpgWhen will Hollywood get the news? Comic-book heroes are in, and video games are... well, okay, also in.

To that end, "Silent Hill" writer Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida will make a sequel to the 2006 horror flick, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Production is tentatively set to begin in 2010.

In the video game series, the town of Silent Hill acts as sort of a spiritual judge, subjecting various characters to horrific circumstances as divine retribution for their past sins. The first movie, however, broke from that storyline by telling of a young girl spirited away to the town and followed by her adoptive mother (Radha Mitchell).

Mom, as you'd expect, uncovers a dark secret in Silent Hill. Then again, can dark secrets ever overcome motherly love? Not so much.

The first movie's creepy little girl, Jodelle Farland, made the leap to another supernatural franchise: She'll co-star in "Twilight: Eclipse."

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