WWE icon Pat Patterson comes out: 'I survived all this being gay'

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wwe-pat-patterson-comes-out.jpg Pat Patterson has kept his sexuality a secret for his entire life, but now he's ready to tell the truth: He's gay.

The WWE icon came out during the finale of his reality show, "Legends' House," surrounded by his fellow former wrestlers.

"From where I come from, when I had nothing, no family, no money, and I ended up with Vince [McMahon], working in the office, to me that was the biggest achievement of my life," Patterson says. "Sitting here tonight I'm going to say something and I would never want to say publicly, but being here with you guys, for once in my life, I'm going to be me now. I survived all this being gay. I've lived with that for 50-some years."

Watch his tearful confession below:

Photo/Video credit: WWE