WWE's Brie Bella pays tribute to fiance Daniel Bryan at bachelorette party

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It's a match made in professional wrestling heaven, or at least on an E! reality show. WWE diva Brie Bella is engaged to marry wrestler Daniel Bryan after he popped the question on "Total Divas."

With the wedding date approaching -- Bryan said on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast that they were considering the weekend of April 12 -- it means the time for a bachelorette party has arrived. Bella gathered with her closest friends, and twin sister Nikki, in San Diego Saturday night (Jan. 18) to celebrate.

Just because it was a ladies' night out doesn't mean the groom wasn't well-represented. While posing for photos, which can be seen on TMZ, the bride and her friends all wear fake beards in tribute to Bryan, well-known in wrestling for his facial hair.

Bella and Bryan's wedding is expected to air during the second season of "Total Divas."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images