'X Factor' auditions start in Los Angeles: 'X Factor' dance and more

x-factor-320.jpg "The X Factor" is officially kicking off its audition phase none other than in good ol' Los Angeles. The cattle-call audition began Sunday (March 27) with thousands of people turning out to see if they have the x factor Simon Cowell is looking for. (Not that Simon is actually there at this point).

We hope they have a better talent pool from which to draw in Los Angeles than "American Idol" had - good grief.

X Factor Xtra, an unofficial Twitter account for all things "X Factor," was on hand to tweet a bunch of pictures (below) and also a video of two auditionees doing their "X Factor" dance. We approve.

The cattle call phase next heads to Miami (April 7), Newark (April 14), Seattle (April 20), Chicago (April 27) and finally Dallas (May 26), details can be found on FOX's official site. Will you be standing in line?

x-factor-four.jpg x-factor-five.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Twitter