'X Factor': Behind the scenes photos of your favorite performers

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rachel-crow-bruno-marr-twitter.jpgRachel Crow and Bruno Mars

While "The X Factor" contestants spend most of their time rehearsing, rehearsing and more rehearsing, every once in a while they get to have a little fun. And sometimes the singers capture these moments and post them on Twitter.

Following are some of those photos. They include meeting big-time celebs, relaxing or just goofing off after a long day.

It sure looks like they're having a good time as they compete against each other for a $5 million recording contract.

astro-marcus-twitter.jpgMarcus Canty and Astro

lakoda-rayne-gene-simmons-twitter.jpgLakoda Rayne and Gene Simmons

astro-rachel-drew-twitter.jpgJaden Smith, Moises Arias, Astro, Willow Smith, Rachel Crow and Drew Ryniewicz

josh-k-twitter.jpgJosh Krajcik

leroy-bell-rikki-lake-twitter.jpgRicki Lake and LeRoy Bell

canty-thicke-twitter.jpgRobin Thicke and Marcus Canty

melanie-amaro-twitter.jpgMelanie Amaro

stacy-francis-nicole-scherzinger-twitter.jpgStacy Francis and Nicole Scherzinger

Chris Rene, Josh Krajcik and Marcus Canty

drew-rachel-twitter.jpgDrew Ryniewicz and Rachel Crow

Photo/Video credit: Twitter