'X Factor': If Khloe Kardashian really was fired, who should replace her?

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x-factor-hosts-khloe-kardashian-mario-lopez.jpgFOX has not yet confirmed what's in store for Season 3 of "The X Factor," but word is they've already fired co-host Khloe Kardashian Odom.

Based on a report in the New York Post, Mario Lopez is still in, but Kardashian -- whose lack of hosting experience was glaringly obvious during the Season 2 live shows -- is out.

Does this mean Lopez will fly solo à la Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly? Or are Simon Cowell and the rest of the "X Factor" team already on the hunt for his new partner?

Just in case they're looking (and we really hope they're looking), we've got a few options they may want to consider.


whitney-cummings-gi.jpg Whitney Cummings

Cummings is a name talent with proven hosting experience, and she's available! Her E! talk show got the axe and NBC will probably do the same to her struggling sit-com.

Cons: Someone coming off two failed shows may not be great for a show desperately trying to distance itself from a perception of failure. Plus, she has a little over 800,000 Twitter followers. Kardashian has over 8 million.

Odds of getting an offer: 100 to 1


jane-lynch-gi.jpg Jane Lynch

If FOX continues to pair "X Factor" and "Glee" next season they might as well go all the way and steal one of the musical comedy's cast members. And who better than Lynch, especially since the "Glee" writers aren't giving her anything worth doing these days anyway?

Cons: She's too good for the job.

Odds of getting an offer: 50 to 1


elizabeth-berkley-gi.jpg Elizabeth Berkley

Proven chemistry with Lopez from their "Saved By the Bell" years. Do you really need anything else? (OK, fine. She also has hosting experience from a season of Bravo's forgotten competition series "Step It Up and Dance.")

Cons: The erstwhile Jessie Spano (and/or Nomi Malone, take your pick) has pretty much left showbiz to be a mom. Also, if Lopez and Berkley share a stage they might attract unwelcome guests expecting a Bayside High reunion.

Odds of getting an offer: 75 to 1


steve-jones-x-factor-gi.jpg Steve Jones

As the host of "The X Factor" Season 1, Jones has been there and done that. Pairing Jones with Lopez could turn the hosting gig into a competition all its own. Their inevitable rivalry would bring some much needed drama to the show.

Cons: There are many reasons Jones wasn't asked back for Season 2. Simon Cowell would probably prefer everyone to forget Season 1 ever happened.

Odds of getting an offer: 1,000,000 to 1


baby-kimye.jpg Baby Kimye

It's one way to continue keeping up with the Kardashians. And even a newborn is bound to have a larger vocabulary than Britney Spears.

Cons: A baby with the personality of a Kardashian and the anger issues of Kanye West is going to grab all the attention for his or her little self. Simon would never allow that.

Odds of getting an offer: 10 to 1


mario-lopez-x-factor-season-3-fox.jpg Mario Lopez, solo (a.k.a. the worst case scenario)

Pros: Ugh.

Cons: Seriously, we don't need another singing competition hosted entirely by a dimpled robot who has to be plugged in to a power supply every commercial break. There must be more eco-friendly, human, alternatives out there somewhere.

Odds of happening: Even. (Ugh.)
Photo/Video credit: FOX / Getty Images