'X Factor': Kelly Rowland would kiss Simon Cowell for Rachel Potter's return

x-factor-rachel-potter-eliminated.jpg Rachel Potter was feeling good about her chances to make Top 10 week on "The X Factor" Season 3. Her social media feedback after '80s night was positive, people around the studio were telling her she did a great job, and she started to gain more confidence.

"I honestly started to hear that and I was like yeah, I've got this. I just started to relax and feel like that was fine," she tells Zap2it backstage after her elimination. "I even picked an outfit that I didn't think I'd have to sing in."

Unfortunately, that's not the way voting worked out, and after singing for her life alongside Girls finalist Khaya Cohen, the judges (save for her mentor Kelly Rowland) voted her out. Although Potter is disappointed, at least she went out with a performance (of Heart's "Alone") of which she's incredibly proud.

"That absolutely makes it easier. Ultimately to go out on this note of the judges really didn't agree with the decision, that they had to make a very tough decision between Kaya and I, [is comforting]," she says.

Potter's main regret, really, is that "The X Factor" portrayed her as a bartender rather than a Broadway actress who gave up her successful career to follow her passion to Nashville. "I have a lot of history and I think people didn't really understand my struggle and what I've really been through," she says.

After working as a performer at Disney World, she realized she really wanted to be on Broadway and move to New York. "I waited tables and pounded the pavement like crazy," she says. "Auditioned every single day, and was rejected and rejected and rejected over and over again for years."

She finally got her break as Glinda in the national tour of 'Wicked,' then played Wednesday Addams in 'The Addams Family' and co-starred in 'Evita' with Ricky Martin. But she still wasn't fulfilled. "I realized that my heart lies in country music, and gave that all up -- all of that glamour and all of that glitz of that dream," she says. "I felt like I was living someone else's dream. So I sacrificed literally everything, packed up everything I owned and started completely fresh in Nashville."

Although it wasn't her destiny to win "The X Factor," Potter is confident she'll have a career in country music. She already self-released an album that's currently for sale on iTunes, and she has ten songs written right now just waiting to be released. "Maybe I'll just end up being a songwriter, or maybe I'll end up actually living this dream and being the artist that I want to be, but either way I'm not afraid," she says.

Besides, there's always the hope that maybe she'll join the competition later in the game. "If Simon [Cowell] did that I might kiss him again. I might throw in a little tongue," jokes Potter's incredibly supportive mentor Rowland. "Completely passionate. No no no, I'm definitely saying that just joking. But, I mean, I really love this girl."
Photo/Video credit: FOX