'X Factor': Simon Cowell 'fascinated' by Britney Spears as judge, likes Janet Jackson too

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britney-spears-2012-getty.jpgWith two vacancies to fill on the judging table on "The X Factor," Simon Cowell has a lot to think about as the show moves toward Season 2. And it looks like a couple of rumored judges sound pretty good to him.

During an interview on "The Billy Bush Show," Cowell says both Britney Spears and Janet Jackson would be excellent replacements for the recently fired Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. Spears, Jackson and seemingly countless other female pop stars have been associated with the job.

"I'm fascinated by [Britney.] The fact that she's one of the most talked about - not just pop stars - but people in the world today, means that you've got this star power," Cowell says. "I would think that if she's managed to sustain a family, a career, which is tough, ['The X Factor' would be] a walk in the park."

Cowell adds, "I would be fascinated to hear what she had to say."

As for Jackson, Cowell was much less verbose. He simply says, "Would she be a good judge? Yes."
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Photo/Video credit: Getty Images