'X Factor': The best of what you didn't see

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josh-krajcik-x-factor.jpgWhat goes on behind the scenes at "The X Factor" can be as interesting and fun what goes on in front of the camera. 

Here are just a few things that happened with the judges and the finalists when the filming stopped:

The ultimate crowd warmer - If you really want to get the crowd involved, hire  Simon Cowell. The judge and show producer told the crowd, "You look very badly behaved tonight. I like that." This drew a raucous response from the audience. 

Never too early to promote - Nicole Scherzinger took a quick moment during one of the commercial breaks to plug her album that isn't due out for months.

You drive me crazy - Moments after Simon trashed Lakoda Rayne's outfits as looking like "prom" wear, he and Paula Abdul got into it again during the commercials. Simon mouthed the words "crazy" to the audience and then swirled his finger by his head.

Atta Girl - After the Stereo Hogzz put on an impressive performance of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation," L.A. Reid took a minute to give Paula a high-five for her work with the group.

Special effects boo boo - The dry ice during Stacy Francis' performance went six rows deep. The overzealous nature of this had audience members waiving the plumes out of their faces. Some were almost fully enveloped.

Special effects kick save - A small strip of stage lights went out during InTENsity performance of "Kids in America." They were back up and running before Marcus Canty took the stage.

Don't antagonize the sponsor - While talking about "The X Factor" andriod app, Simon thanked Verizon for their involvement. He then said how much he liked their new commercials, which strangely caused Paula to spit up her drink (hopefully Pepsi, another sponsor). A Verizon marketing exec no doubt had a panic attack as a result.

Know your boundaries - The man who warms up the crowd by getting them screaming and whooping, told Nicole that she "sounds like a Muppet." This drew a mild smack on the shoulder.

See you next week...

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images