'X Factor's' Melanie Amaro on 'Everybody Hurts' - another near perfect vocal

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For Rock Week on "The X Factor," Melanie Amaro and her mentor Simon Cowell chose "Everybody Hurts" by REM. There was some debate about whether it was a rock song, but hey - at least REM is a rock band.

The judges were split on their critiques. Nicole wanted to connect more, L.A. just took his time to criticize Simon. Paula said Melanie took us to church, which we have to agree with. It was another darn near perfect vocal by Melanie.

We loved how she changed the song up enough to make it her own, but not so much it became unrecognizable. That's the mark of a good performance on a show like this. What did you think, "X Factor" fans?
Photo/Video credit: FOX