'X Factor's' Simon Cowell tricked into eating bull's testicles

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simon-cowell-bulls-testicles-prank-x-factor.jpg"X Factor" judges Simon Cowell and Paulina Rubio were on "Conan" Tuesday (Nov. 19), where Conan O'Brien praised Cowell for figuring out a way to surround himself with beautiful women -- but Cowell laments it sometimes, especially when they play pranks on him.

"They were very mean to me. In fact, one day they played a trick on me. They were serving lunch ... and [the girls] said it was fried chicken and it turned out to be a bull's testicles," says Cowell.

Rubio admits she tried them too -- "I didn't swallow them and he did."

Cowell also says he'd put money on one of his groups to win the entire season. We aren't sure we'd take that bet, since he thought Sweet Suspense was so good last week and they went home.

Rubio says his team isn't going to win. We're with her.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images