'You're So Vain,' David Geffen, says Carly Simon ... maybe

carly-simon-david-geffen.jpgThere's been a lot of speculation over the years (38, to be exact) about who was SO vain that it spurred sing/songwriter Carly Simon to write a song declaring it to the world. Possible guesses have included exes like Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens, Kris Kristofferson and Warren Beatty. Well, who would have guessed that the object of her accusations is the (now openly gay) music industry mogul, David Geffen?

At least that's what U.K. tabloid The Sun, is reporting.

According to The Sun's article, after Simon and Geffen (the head of her record label, Elektra, at the time) split, Simon is thought to have resented the efforts he put into promoting Joni Mitchell. Interesting side note: Geffen is also the subject of Joni's song, "Free Man in Paris."