Zac Efron strips down in 'The Paperboy' trailer

zac-efron-the-paperboy-trailer.jpgThe fact that Zac Efron slow dances with Nicole Kidman in a pair of tighty-whities should not be the main takeaway from the trailer for "The Paperboy," the new drama from "Precious" director Lee Daniels, but we're only human. When a shaggy, '60s-era Zefron wears short plaid shorts (or none at all), we notice.

The film, which debuted at Cannes, features Kidman as a Southern woman who falls in love with a convicted murderer (John Cusack), and turns to a young reporter (Efron) to help exonerate her possibly homicidal husband-to-be -- whom she's never met.

"The Paperboy" premiered to mixed reviews, with many critics predicting it'll either bomb or become a camp classic. It also made headlines for the fact that Kidman's character pees on Efron's at one point during the film. (Add like 100 points to the "camp classic" column for that one.)

What do you think of the trailer? "The Paperboy" opens Oct. 5.

Photo/Video credit: Millenium Entertainment