Twilight's 'Eclipse' greenlit for August

Twihards, get ready for an exciting, "Eclipse"-filled fall.

Summit Entertainment will begin production on "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" on Aug. 17 until Oct. 31 at Vancouver Film Studios, reports This means that not only will fans start to hear buzz and see leaked photos of their favorite supernatural heroes on set, but once Halloween rolls around, most likely there will be tons of Edward and Jacob wannabes dressed up. And, just a few weeks later, "New Moon" will hit theaters.

Twilight overload.

As a reminder, "Eclipse" is the third installment of the angsty supernatural love story. This time around, Bella and Edward are dealing with a massive number of mysterious killings in the Seattle area that may be caused by newborn vampires. As if this weren't enough, Bella has both vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob tearing her emotionally in two. Oh, and she's about to graduate too.

David Slade will direct from a script by Melissa Rosenberg.

"Eclipse" won't be released until June 2010, but in the meantime, "New Moon" will wax romantic in theaters on Nov. 20.