Game Time: 'All Zombies Must Die!'

All Zombies Must Die! XBLA, PSN/Available Now

Zombie games have been done to death ... well, maybe to undeath. It's a genre that has seen massive success thanks to the likes of "Resident Evil" and "Left 4 Dead," as creepy tales and shocking scares are woven around some brilliant, high-end gameplay. Unfortunately, the lighter side of the zombie apocalypse is rarely experienced in the video game universe, leaving players wanting a bit more humor in their undead death-dealing. This simple fact brings us to our latest downloadable action game from Doublesix in which, despite their cartoonish and cute appearance, all zombies must die.

Jack is a gamer who has spent more than his fair share of time saving princesses and destroying civilizations. So much so that his girlfriend, Rachel, has not only left him but has also developed a disdain for anything virtual. When the town is overrun by zombies, the former couple will find themselves reunited to fend off the shambling masses. Thankfully, they won't have to be the lone survivors in this harrowing tale. Brian, the resident mad scientist, and Luxo, an alien with a knack for acting, are also ready to face the horde of zombies and restore peace to the world.

"All Zombies Must Die!" is a fast-paced, humor-filled action/role-playing game where you take on the role of one of our personality-filled protagonists. The basic concept of the game is fairly simple -- kill all the zombies -- but how you go about slaughtering the undead is really up to you. Combat and general movement are handled using a dual-stick control system that is reminiscent of classic games such as "Smash TV" or more modern titles such as "Geometry Wars." Standard weapons are readily available and come in varying types, from the ranged shotgun and laser guns to more close-quarter armaments such as swords and chain saws. If boring, garden-variety implements of destruction fail to catch your eye, try crafting a new weapon, and dispatch the zombies with style. Basic role-playing elements are also present, allowing for stat customization and character enhancement. This addition brings a fair amount of satisfaction as your chosen character reaches the next level and gains a bit more power.

Doublesix has done a spectacular job of taking the chaos and death associated with a zombie apocalypse and fueling it with simple yet enjoyable gameplay and loads of laughs. For those looking for a new and inexpensive way to play zombie games, head to your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and download "All Zombies Must Die!"

Media Link: "Zombieland" airs Sunday, Jan. 15, on FX.