Apple Bringing iTunes to Your Living Room

Users of Apple's iTunes service will soon have a new outlet on which to play their video downloads: the TV set.

Apple unveiled its latest digital-entertainment device Tuesday at the annual Macworld expo in San Francisco. Dubbed iTV, the set-top box will use a wireless network to let users stream video downloads from iTunes to their TVs, saving them the potential eye strain of viewing things on the tiny iPod video screens.

The rollout of iTV -- a code name for the product that will probably change by the time it hits stores -- is expected early next year. The box, a silver square that's a good deal smaller than your average cable or satellite receiver, will sell for $299.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs describes iTV as "completing the package" of the company's multimedia devices, adding the living room to the office and on consumers' belts as places where the company's products can live.

In addition to previewing iTV, Jobs announced Tuesday that the newest version of iTunes would offer full-length movie downloads for prices ranging from $9.99 to $14.99. To start, the movie library consists of 75 titles from Disney and its affiliated studios Pixar, Touchstone and Miramax, but Jobs (who's a major Disney shareholder) expects other studios to sign on in the future, similar to the way that iTunes' TV business has grown to more than 200 available shows.

The company also unveiled new versions of the full-sized iPod, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle at the expo.