'Sunshine' Men Reunite on 'Smart'

Basking in his Oscar glow, Alan Arkin will join his "Little Miss Sunshine" co-star Steve Carell in "Get Smart."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arkin will play Chief, the head of CONTROL, the organization fighting the evil KAOS.

Edward Platt originated the role in the original TV series.

Carell will, of course, play Maxwell Smart, with Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Terrence Stamp were previously cast.

Nearly 40 years after earning his first two Oscar nominations for "The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming" and "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter," Arkin finally won his first Oscar on Sunday (Feb. 25) for "Little Miss Sunshine." He has roles in "Rendition" and "Sunshine Cleaning" on tap.