Arnett Takes Up 'Space'

Fox Atomic has snagged the comedy spec "Space Invader" as a probable starring vehicle for Will Arnett.

Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger wrote the comedy, which focuses on a love triangle on a space station. The Variety report is quick to note that Lisbe and Reger had begun developing the project with Arnett long before the recent arrest of NASA astronaut Lisa Nowack, though that might have contributed to Fox Atomic's mid-six figure bid for the script.

In addition to starring, Arnett will produce along with Peter Principato and Paul Young of Principato Young Entertainment.

Just because he's never toplined a vaguely successful film or TV show doesn't mean that studios aren't banking heavily on the "Arrested Development" veteran. Arnett, who recently starred in "Let's Go to Prison," has supporting roles in Will Ferrell's upcoming comedies "Blades of Glory" and "Semi-Pro," as well as a starring role in the summer film "Brothers Solomon." He's also set to star in "The Ambassador" for DreamWorks.