'Galactica' Mounts Online 'Resistance'

If the wait for season three of "Battlestar Galactica" seems just too frackin' long, the Sci Fi Channel has your back.

The makers of the critically acclaimed series will help bridge the gap between the end of last season and the new season, which debuts Friday, Oct. 6, with an online miniseries called "Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance." The first of 10 episodes went online Tuesday. Episodes will appear every Tuesday and Thursday for the next five weeks.

While viewing the webisodes won't be essential to follow the season-three story, "The Resistance" does promise to bridge some gaps between the season two finale -- which ended with Cylons descending on the newly colonized planet of New Caprica following President Gaius Baltar's (Jim Callis) surrender -- and the new episodes.

The webisodes focus on some supporting players in the "Galactica" universe. The first picks up about two months after the occupation, with Tigh (Michael Hogan) and Chief Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) working to organize a resistance force. They hope to recruit former Viper pilot Duck (Tucker Clellan) with the help of Duck's old friend Jammer (Dominic Zaprogna).

The Cylons, meanwhile, are preaching peaceful co-existence while enforcing a strict curfew and jailing or eliminating anyone who steps out of line.

Sci Fi also has a recap special titled "The Story So Far" available on its web site throughout September.