Carrey's Ready for Some 'Me Time'

Jim Carrey has been cast in a new 20th Century Fox comedy. Now he just needs to get the movie into production.

Carrey, whose string of recent decommisioned star vehicles led perfectly into the underwhelming box office performance by "The Number 23," will take the lead role in "Me Time," a "Mr. Mom"-style domestic comedy from writers Ian Roberts and Jay Martel.

The comedy focuses on an author writing a book about his great-great-grandmother, a true frontier woman, according to Variety. His research coincides with his wife's pregnancy. When she's ordered to take bed rest, the husband has to take care of the children and the house while also discovering just how much his ancestory had to deal with.

Since opening in February, "The Number 23," Carrey's latest big screen effort, has taken in only $35 million domestically. That's still better than "Used Guys," "Ripley's Believe it or Not!" and "A Little Game," three high profile projects that folded after Carrey signed on, but before a single frame of footage was shot.

While "Used Guys" and "A Little Game" are believed to be out of the picture for Carrey, "Ripley's" may be resurrected at Paramount after Steve Oedekerk writes a new draft of the script for director Tim Burton.