Sheen Sued by Alleged Inspiration for Stalker Character

The last thing Charlie Sheen needs while he's in the middle of a bitter public divorce from Denise Richards is more legal hassle from another woman.

Ursula Auburn filed a lawsuit against the "Two and a Half Men" actor on Wednesday, April 26, claiming that a character on the sitcom is based on her, reports

Auburn says she had amorous "encounters" with the actor between 1992 and 1998, similar to the neighbor/stalker character Rose, whom the CBS website describes as "a brilliantly manipulative and vaguely crazy neighbor who had a brief fling with Charlie [Harper, played by Sheen], is obsessed with him, and is determined to stay in his life by whatever means necessary."

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, states: "Several of the events involving Rose and Sheen's character on the show mirror incidents that occurred between Auburn and Sheen and moreover, the character Rose herself clearly appears to be based on Auburn ... It is undeniable that Rose is based on Auburn and people who watch the show and know Auburn can see the resemblance."

Apparently, in real life, the suit says that during the period in question, "Auburn would show up at events Sheen was to attend, and generally was captivated by Sheen." This is similar to another passage that describes Rose as "[a] crazy female with no life except for stalking Harper every day of her life."

Auburn is seeking more than $1 million for invasion of privacy, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress, which amounts to "humiliation, emotional distress, embarrassment, chagrin, mortification, and immeasurable grief."

Sheen's lawyer calls the lawsuit "frivolous," probably in comparison to the much bigger fish he has to deep fry in the actor's divorce battle. Less than a week ago, estranged wife Richards filed a 17-page document (found on that detailed their rocky relationship and why she was finally following up on her initial March 2005 divorce filing.

If true, it's not a pretty picture. Richards says that throughout their four-year marriage Sheen consistently, and often unrepentantly, abused drugs and alcohol and had sex with prostitutes. She also claims that he wasn't interested in being a father, even urging her to have an abortion for her first child and then being more interested in the results of a bet he made while she was in the hospital for the Caesarean birth of their second child. Richards says that his erratic behavior, sometimes violent, and the fact that he often brings prostitutes back to his own place are the main reasons she is fighting his request for joint custody of the children.