Tom Cruise Forms 'Sleeper' Cell

Tom Cruise is setting up an adaptation of the graphic novel "Sleeper" with Sam Raimi.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cruise is "loosely attached to star" in the adaptation of the DC Comics/Wildstorm series, currently set up at Warner Bros. Raimi and Josh Donen's Star Road Entertainment would produce.

Of course, the phrase "loosely attached to star" means precious little when it comes to the industry trade papers reporting on Cruise. The actor's most recent "loose attachment" was the the culinary comedy "Food Fight," announced in the HR only last week.

"Sleeper" ran from 2003-05 in two 12-issue limited series. Written by Ed Brubaker with art by Sean Phillips, the comic focuses on covert intelligence operative code name The Conductor. An alien artifact helps make the main character impervious to pain, which comes in handy when he goes undercover in a crime syndicate.

Cruise is currently earning positive notice for a supporting role in the comedy "Tropic Thunder," his first big screen appearance since the largely unnoticed "Lions for Lambs." The three-time Oscar nominee will next be seen in "Valkyrie."