'The Daily Show' Goes to Iraq

Starting next Monday (Aug. 20), "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" will air a series of reports from Iraq.

No really.

Viewers accustomed to the standard green screen "Daily Show" segments from varied locations should know that the dispatches filed for next week's "Operation Silent Thunder: 'The Daily Show' in Iraq" features were actually shot in Iraq.

"Daily Show" Senior War Correspondent Rob Riggle was embedded with the troops in Iraq, yielding a week of special reports.

In addition to his "Daily Show" duties, Riggle also toured with Horatio Sanz, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer performing comedy sketches for the troops as part of the USO/Multi National Corps -- Iraq entertainment tour entitled "Operation Feel the Heat."

It's here that we note that in addition to his "Daily Show" and "Saturday Night Live" credits, Riggle is a major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and served in Liberia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.