David Goyer Spots New 'Invisible Man'

David Goyer has a thing about heroes nobody else can see.

Although he may not have made any money with this spring's "The Invisible," Goyer is trying again, adding a word this time.

According to Variety, Goyer is ready to give a fresh take on H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man," writing and directing.

Set up at Universal, which owned the property, Goyer's "Invisible Man" will be conceived as a sequel to Wells' original story. The new plot will focus on a young man who uncovers his uncle's formula for invisibility and is recruited by MI5 in the midst of World War II.

Brian Grazer will produce for Imagine Entertainment.

The trade paper gives no timetable for the project. Goyer, who exited a long-gestating feature version of "The Flash" earlier this year, has been attached to 20th Century Fox's "X-Men" spin-off "Magneto." The "Blade: Trinity" director and "Batman Begins" scribe has also been linked to the developing DC Comics adaptation "Super Max," built around the Green Arrow character. "Magneto," with a script by Sheldon Turner, may be furthest along.