Washington Usurps Hanks' Spot As Favorite

Move over, Tom Hanks. America has a new favorite movie star.

Even though Denzel Washington didn't even appear among the Top 10 in 2005, he ranks as the No. 1 movie star for 2006, according to the annual Harris Poll, which surveys adults nationwide online.

Washington last starred in the moderately received thriller "Deja Vu," which didn't even touch the global success of Hanks' "The Da Vinci Code." In the past five years, Hanks topped the list three times. The late John Wayne maintained his third-place position from the previous year, while another movie cowboy, Clint Eastwood, rose two spots to No. 4.

Will Smith makes his debut on the list in fifth place, no doubt in response to his well received film "The Pursuit of Happyness," tying Julia Roberts for the honor. "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp and "Apocalypto" director Mel Gibson followed with another tie for seventh place, while the dapper George Clooney took ninth place. Harrison Ford wrapped it up at No. 10 after holding the third spot just last year.

Men seemed to lean toward Eastwood, who also tied with Wayne for the conservatives' favorites. The liberal and moderate votes favored Washington, however, and women preferred Roberts. The "Pretty Woman" was also a hit with the mature viewers (ages 61 and up), while the Baby Boomers liked The Duke, and Gen X-ers preferred Hanks. It comes to no surprise that the Echo Boomers (aged 18-29) liked Depp the best.

Poor Sean Connery and Sandra Bullock were dropped altogether from the Top 10 this year.