Josh Gates' 'Destination' is Ireland

On the night of Thursday, March 17, those who do not choose to sally forth in search of green beer, leprechaun hats and light-up shamrock necklaces can take a trip into the shadowy recesses of Irish mythology without ever leaving the couch.

Syfy's adventure-reality show "Destination Truth" is spending the first episode of the second half of its fourth season at Duckett's Grove Castle in County Carlow, Ireland, conducting a live investigation -- and all the show's TV fans are invited to tune in.

"I've hosted the 'Ghost Hunters Live' show for the last four years," says host Josh Gates, "so I've had this really unique opportunity to be a part of a live investigation on Syfy as the host. The channel said, 'Why don't we do a live "Destination Truth" episode?' We knew we wanted to do something on St. Patrick's Day. We did a leprechaun episode last year that was very successful for us.

"And so we thought we would do something on the banshee, which is another big story out of Ireland. It's a story that a lot of people in Ireland take very seriously. There's actually a pretty fervent believe in the banshee in Ireland."

In folklore, the banshee -- or "bean sidhe," roughly translated as "woman of the fairy mounds" -- is thought to be a female spirit that cries out in the night to herald a death.

Many in the area around Duckett's Grove have reported hearing the banshee's wail and seeing an ethereal woman stalking the grounds of the castle. Rebuilt in the Gothic Revival style in the early 19th century, it was burned in 1933, but the ivy-covered towers and turrets remain.

"The place is really dynamic-looking," says Gates. "It's an amazing ruin. It looks very eerie. It has forests and gardens and grounds around it. It's a neat playground for us to be able to work in.

"The challenge for us also is to do a live show from overseas. This is a big undertaking for us; to try to broadcast our investigation and our style of investigation overseas is going to be a big challenge."