'Wedding Crashers' Director Races to 'The Flash'

The DC Comics favorite "The Flash" is now being brought to the big screen by the men who brought you "Wedding Crashers" and ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money."

Go figure.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Dobkin has signed on to direct "The Flash" for Warner Bros. The superhero flick will be written by Craig Wright, creator of "Dirty Sexy Money."

The addition of Dobkin and Wright continues the revolving door on the apparently complicated DC property. David Goyer wrote a script and was attached to direct, but exited the film earlier in the year amidst creative differences with the studio. He was replaced by Shawn Levy ("Night at the Museum"), who left because of scheduling problems.

DC first premiered The Flash back in 1940. Over the years, the ultra-speedy hero has actually been four different characters -- Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen. Thus far, it's unclear which incarnation Wright and Dobkin will be tackling.

The character will also be a part of George Miller's upcoming "Justice League of America Movie," though it isn't expected that they'll be connected.

Dobkin, whose next film is the holiday comedy "Fred Claus," has also directed "Shanghai Knights" and "Clay Pigeons."