'Gold Rush' heads back to Alaska for round two

On Friday, Oct. 28, Discovery premieres the second season of "Gold Rush" -- known in season one as "Gold Rush: Alaska" -- again following Oregon resident Todd Hoffman, his father, Jack, and their band of down-on-their-luck friends and neighbors as they seek to strike it rich in the gold fields of Alaska.

The night kicks off with a special called "The Off-Season," which shows what the group has been up to since leaving its mining camp on Porcupine Creek as winter closed in, with only a small amount of gold to show for months of effort and a $250,000 investment.

Then the first new episode, "Twist of Fate," shows what happens when the crew returns in hopes of hitting the mother lode.

"It's got its ups and downs," says Hoffman, calling in via Skype from the mining location. "I hurt my back, and so I've been having a hard week. But overall, can't say how much gold we got, but we got some."

The Hoffmans' stated goal last year was to show that a bunch of guys experiencing a hard patch could still head into the wilderness and strike it rich -- but that's not quite how it turned out.

Hoffman hopes to do better this year.

"To be able to regroup my guys again," says Hoffman, "put the capital together by selling some real estate … could we do this again? If we were to fail again, then I'm really going to be the laughingstock of everybody. We're serious this time."