'Magneto' Spinoff Attracts Goyer

David Goyer is jumping ship from the DC Universe back to Marvel.

Goyer, who cut his teeth writing the "Blade" films and directing "Blade: Trinity" (based on Marvel properties) will direct 20th Century Fox and Marvel's long gestating "Magneto" project, based on the villainous character played by Ian McKellen in three "X-Men" films.

According to the industry trade papers though, McKellen won't be the star of the new "Magneto" film, nor will Patrick Stewart, though his Professor X character will also play a role. Instead, Goyer is developing a script around the early relationship between the two characters, a friendship that devolved into a fierce battle for the souls of mutant-kind. The origin tale would find metal manipulating Magneto in his early form as a vengeful Nazi hunter. While McKellen may make some appearance, the characters are expected to be in the 20s for the feature.

"Magneto" is second on the Fox/Marvel "X-Men" spinoff docket behind the equally long-building "Wolverine." Star Hugh Jackman is expected to return for that film, just as soon as somebody can find the right director.

Goyer's latest directing effort, "The Invisible," opens on today (April 27). One of the writers on the DC-based "Batman Begins," Goyer had long been attached to a feature adaptation of "The Flash" before exiting in February. He was most recently talking up another DC film titled "Super Max" focusing on Green Arrow.