New Director Holds a 'Grudge'

Regardless of what the box office for "The Grudge 2" may have suggested, Columbia is certain the world needs "The Grudge 3."

According to Variety, Ghost House Pictures' Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert have recruited Toby Wilkins to direct "The Grudge 3," with production beginning in January.

Wilkins takes over for Takashi Shimizu, who directed "Ju-on" and "Ju-on 2" in Japan and then came over to the States to helm both "The Grudge" and its sequel.

The new director isn't a stranger to the franchise. Before making his feature debut on the upcoming indie horror effort "Splinter," he directed "Tales of the Grudge," a series of shorts bridging the gap between the series' first and second movies.

While 2004's "The Grudge" took in $110 million in the United States alone, the film's sequel took in less than $40 million domestically. Both films had low enough budgets that they were wildly profitable.