'Lost' Soul Joins Zombie Conflict

"Lost" co-star Harold Perrineau has found work in a trio of upcoming film projects including the zombie-fighting sequel "28 Weeks Later" from Fox Atomic.

When "Lost" fans last saw Perrineau's Michael, he was boating off into the horizon after a season in which he was held hostage, shot and betrayed his various friends in an effort to rescue his son. The show's producers have said that while Michael's character will continue to play a part in the "Lost" mythology, it's unclear what that will mean.

Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Reporter, in "28 Weeks Later," Perrineau will play an American Special Forces pilot entrusted with bringing families back to London after the viral epidemic that turns most of the population into hungry zombies. Things probably begin to really stink once the flesh-eating begins anew.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ("Intacto") will direct the zombie sequel.

In addition, Perrineau will play Richard Roundtree in Matthew Wilder's "Your Name Here," a twisted story about the last days of Philip K. Dick. Will he be playing "Shaft" star Richard Roundtree? Tough to know.

The "Matrix" and "Smoke" star will also appear in Damian Harris' "Gardens of the Night" with John Malkovich and Jeremy Sisto.