Katherine Heigl Searches in 'Lost & Found'

Freshly minted Emmy winner Katherine Heigl has acquired film rights to the bestselling novel "Lost & Found."

According to Variety, Heigl plans to produce an adaptation of the Jacqueline Sheehan book along with her mother Nancy Heigl. You remember Heigl's mother, right? The nice lady at the Emmys who didn't think the "Grey's Anatomy" star was going to win.

"Lost & Found" is about a psychologist who moves to an island off the coast of Maine after the death of her husband.

The trade paper isn't quite sure if Heigl intends to star in the film as well as produce.

Heigl set up her production banner in the aftermath of the blockbuster success of "Knocked Up" this summer. Tentatively dubbed Abishag, the shingle is attached to an action comedy set up at Fox 2000.

Best know for his role as Izzie on "Grey's Anatomy" (and for her eagerness to have her last name pronounced correctly), Heigl's next film role is in the Fox 2000 romantic comedy "27 Dresses."