'Hidden Palms' Finale Moves Up

The CW is sending off "Hidden Palms" with a bang -- sorta.

The summer drama series will have its remaining six episodes burned off with back-to-back episodes in order for the season finale to air on July 4, no doubt when families will be out watching fireworks, digesting BBQ or other activities that don't normally involve watching TV.

On Wednesday, June 20 and 27, the CW will air two new "Hidden Palms" episodes and then conclude at 8:00 p.m. on Independence Day.

Another change besides this accelerated schedule is the removal of the repeat episodes on Sundays, which will now feature repeats of "7th Heaven" to accompany two back-to-back "Reba" episodes and a "Supernatural" repeat.

"Hidden Palms" centers on the experiences of Johnny (Taylor Handley) who moves to Palm Springs with his family after witnessing his father's suicide and subsequently going through rehab. The only problem is that the denizens of the town, including Greta (Amber Heard) and Cliff (Michael Cassidy), seem fairly unbalanced themselves, and a mystery concerning the boy who used to live in Johnny's new home may have far-reaching consequences.