'24' Star Free After 48 Days in Jail

Kiefer Sutherland is a free man after serving his time.

The "24" star was released from the Glendale Jail just northeast of Los Angeles on Monday morning, Jan. 21, report news sources.

According to reports, Sutherland was a good inmate, keeping to himself in his own cell and never complaining or causing trouble.

In October, the actor pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor drunk-driving charge stemming from a September arrest in which he attempted an illegal U-turn in West Hollywood. He was pulled over and a breathalyzer test showed that his blood alcohol level was above the .08 limit for California.

"I'm very disappointed in myself for the poor judgment I exhibited recently, and I'm deeply sorry for the disappointment and distress this has caused my family, friends and co-workers on '24' and at 20th Century Fox," Sutherland said in a statement at the time. "I appreciate the support and concern that has been extended to me these last weeks both personally and professionally."

He was then sentenced to 48 days in jail –- 30 days for the DUI conviction, and an additional 18 days for violating his probation from a 2004 DUI conviction. He served the entire sentence, even spending his birthday, Christmas and New Year's behind bars.

In addition, he was sentenced to five years of probation, and must complete an 18-month alcohol education program and attend weekly therapy sessions for six months.