Val Kilmer Learns His 'Numb3rs'

Val Kilmer will make a rare network TV appearance when he pops up on the season premiere of CBS' "Numb3rs."

CBS announced Thursday (July 26) that Kilmer will play Mason Lancer, the mastermind behind last season's events that culminated in the discovery that Agent Granger was a mole.

The premiere finds Agent Eppes (Rob Morrow) and the rest of his team tracking down the fugitive Granger.

Kilmer's appearance shouldn't be surprising, given that the "Numb3rs" premiere is directed by series producer Tony Scott, who previously worked with Kilmer on the features "Top Gun," "True Romance" and "Deja Vu."

The "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" star is also on good terms with CBS after co-starring in the network's upcoming miniseries "Comanche Moon."

"Numb3rs" will kick off its fourth season on Friday, Sept. 28.