CBS Delays 'Jingles,' Names Host

We now know who will host and judge CBS' Mark Burnett-produced competition show "Jingles." What we don't know is when the show will air.

CBS made a pair of somewhat contradictory releases on Wednesday (July 16) afternoon.

On one hand, CBS announced that the original Sunday, July 27 premiere date for "Jingles" has been indefinitely delayed. In its place, the network plans to air rebroadcasts of "Flashpoint," a summer drama that had a solid premiere last week in a tough Friday slot.

That would normally look like bad news for "Jingles" -- the release says it "remains in production and will be rescheduled for broadcast at a later date" -- but CBS made sure to include positive information as well.

Kimberly Caldwell, a finalist on the second season of " American Idol" and a TV Guide presenter, will host the show, which asks contestants to write and perform jingles about a wide variety of products.

Amidst this sea of product placements, the next great jingle composer will be crowned by a judging panel led by rock legend and A&E reality buffoon Gene Simmons. In addition to his co-founding role in the KISS empire, Simmons has been central in branding his famous image, even launching the Simmons Abramson Marketing company.

Joining Simmons in presenting the $100,000 grand prize (and an advertising contract) are a pair of advertising legends, Linda Kaplan Thaler and Julie Roehm.

Kaplan Thaler's credits include the "I don't want to grow up, I'm Toys R Us kid" jingle and founding The Kaplan Thaler Group, the ad agency behind the Aflac Duck, among other campains.

A former senior vice president of marketing and communications for Wal-Mart, Roehm is the founder of the Backslash Meta, LLC agency.