Lindsay Lohan's Car Commandeering, 911 Tape

It appears lots more drama went down the night Lindsay Lohan was arrested beyond her drinking and driving.

The troubled actress reportedly was drunk and upset enough to commandeer another person's vehicle -- with two passengers -- and use it to chase one of her assistants at high speed, according to and the released 911 tape from that fateful morning.

Late Monday night, Lohan was at a party in Malibu with her assistant Tarin Graham, the assistant's boyfriend and three of his friends: Dante Nigro, Jakon Sutter and Ronnie Blake. Nigro reports that the starlet was drinking the entire evening and even did a shot with him.

During the course of the night, Lohan and Graham had an argument, which culminated in Graham quitting and storming off. Somehow later, Lohan saw that Graham had called for a ride, her mother Michelle Peck. To give chase, the actress jumped into the driver's seat of the first available vehicle: Nigro's white GMC Denali. Although all three friends were in the car, Blake claims he jumped out of the moving vehicle fearing for his life, whereupon Lohan ran over his foot.

The two other passengers and the strange vehicle are likely why in the 911 call that Peck called in that night, she refers to "he" when being pursued since she was unsure of who was driving.

"We were just about to park our car, we were turning home, and out of nowhere, a huge white GMC came up," says Peck in the 911 recording. "We're at 4th and Wilshire, we're coming down right now, we're being followed by a white GMC, the gentleman jumped out of the car, and ... Oh my God, sire. They're following us. We need help.

"Right now we're on Arizona... Oh my God, are they following us? OK, right now we're on Santa Monica... We're driving to the police station right now... We're at 4th and Broadway. We were just coming home... and all of a sudden he came down a side street... We're driving to the police station... sir, please? The gentleman came out of his car. [inaudible] Ah, oh my God! What is he doing? Oh my God, oh my God... Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!"

According to the remaining guys in the GMC, Lohan was speeding anywhere from 80 to 100 mph on the Pacific Coast Highway and pursued the mother and daughter to their home in Santa Monica, which caused the pair to back out of their own driveway and continue to be pursued. The guys reportedly pleaded for Lohan to stop, but she allegedly responded, "I'm a celebrity. I'm not going to get in trouble." The two also saw the actress fail her field sobriety test when the police arrived.

Later at the Santa Monica police station, cocaine was found on Lohan's person. She was released on $25,000 bail and scheduled to be arraigned on Aug. 24.