America Votes for 'Make Me a Supermodel' Winner

Tonight we came to the end of the catwalk on the first season of "Make Me A Supermodel." It's a show that has grown from the first few episodes, which were rough at best, to become another of Bravo's polished reality line up. I was unsure what to expect from the finale, but I was looking forward to seeing it. Well, seeing hopefully Holly win, because I love that little squirrel killer!

The show loses a bit of its focus, without its photo shoot and catwalk challenge. I feel like they started to backslide into trying to shoehorn too many disparate elements into one hour without really connecting them into a real story. They start by showing the models going on go sees. We see little clips of them each, but they are largely unremarkable. Ben and Holly are perfect for Esprit. Holly is also sent on what I can only guess was a commercial audition, which was silly because her voice is awful. But I have to say that I am surprised that she takes the vocal direction really well and actually turns in a good audition. Perry is arrogant and talks about himself for 20 minutes, going so far as to talk over a photographer who says she doubts she would want to listen to him talk ever again. It's all pretty expectable.

Except for the guys at Ginch Gonch. At first I was unsure what to make of them. I have since decided that they are avant garde. They are bee bop. They are neo dadaism. And they are playing off the absurdity of the mediums of fashion, modeling and reality TV. I have come to this conclusion because I can think of no other reason that two grown men could dress two other grown men (Ben and Ronnie) in hot pink underwear, hand them a banana and ask them to act like a monkey in the name of fashion with totally straight faces.

There is another strange segue in which the hopefuls meet model Jessica Stam. I had heard about her recently, and she's a gorgeous girl and a very successful model, but by no means a household name. However, Holly knows all about her and is completely star struck, which is cute. It strikes me that this is, perhaps, the producers trying to scramble and add some actual instruction into "Make Me A Supermodel "- by having a model talk to the hopefuls. But a few minutes of awkward conversation is no Miss J.

Next the hopefuls go to a meeting with GQ, who have put aside looks for them all to try and see what works best on whom and take photos. When they mention Perry would be great in a suit, I cringe. Perry is not great in a suit. His proportions are too weird for a suit because he's ridiculously long-waisted and oddly broad-shouldered for how slender he is. It is a conclusion that the guys at GQ soon realize as they scramble to get him into something else. They also struggle with finding the right look for Holly ,and I feel like they missed the mark with Ben too. Ronnie they get, but I think that's because it's hard to NOT get Ronnie. He looks good in just about anything fit-wise and they put him in Ralph Lauren. It was a no brainer. Ben in tennis shorts and Holly in a tank dress however? Not so much. But they are happy and I haven't ever looked at a single issue of GQ, so whatever.

When they all get back to their house, they find out they will have visitors that night. It's family time! Ben's wife appears, and the reunion is pretty apathetic for two people who haven't seen each other in 3 months. Holly says it perfectly when she comments that if her husband greeted her with a casual "Hey, what's up?" after that long a time, she'd slap him. It's awkward. More so when Ronnie joins them. But then Ronnie's mom shows up and she breaks the ice with April by assuring her that "Bronnie" are just friends. Holly's fiancee arrives next, and this is the reunion we've been waiting for! She jumps into a hug with a scream and gushes "I forgot how gorgeous you are! " before he gives her a gift and they cuddle up on the couch with their heads close together, apologizing to everyone else but too consumed with catching up with each other to want to socialize with everyone else.

Perry, meanwhile, sits by himself. Anxiously. In what, I am sure, is a plot by the producers to draw out the tension before his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend arrives. And when she does, it's just painful to watch. He asks her if she loves him and she says yes. Easy enough. But then he tries to broach the issue of her being caught in the tabloids with Britney's paparazzi toy and she clams up telling him "I don't want to talk about this". Which, I'm sorry, is ten shades of wrong. If I were in Perry's shoes, I would have had some choice words, such as "That's funny. I didn't want to read about it!" But no, he backs down, whining "I don't think you realize what I've been through here". I realize this girl wears the pants when she comes back at him with "You don't realize what I had to go through being alone in LA!" He finally tries to ask her point blank "were you with that guy?" Her answer? "Perry. Perry. Perry. I love you. Quit this crap." In other words, she totally cheated. Perry, however, cannot accept this, and by the end of the segment he has warped it around to be a test of their love for each other, that was proven when she showed up at the door. Frankly, her showing up only proved to me that she wanted to be on television. Perry can only blissfully tell Ronnie that "Love conquers everything!" Whatev.

In the manner of actual love, Holly's fiancee reassures her that he will follow her wherever she wants to go for her career. Ben's wife comes close to the same, saying she is willing to move to New York, but also saying that she wants things to go back to normal. Which seems unlikely, given that your normal was living in Nashville with a prison guard for a husband and now you will be living in New York City with a model for a husband. Normal is not equaling both sides of that equation.

But eventually the house guests depart and the hopefuls get ready to face their last day and final catwalk. There are the expected platitudes about how they will miss each other, how it was an incredible experience they will remember forever, the usual. And there seems to be nothing really special about the final catwalk. How could there be? It's formality at this point, since the winner has already been decided. They try to draw it out as long as possible, taking them in twos and slowly eliminating one. Perry is the first to be dismissed from the catwalk, followed by Ben. They both sit backstage and act aghast that they were both beaten by Holly.

Which makes the fact that she wins the entire competition all the more sweet! She cries and hugs, and you can't help but be happy for her. She's always struck me not only as genuine and kind, but also really passionate about modeling and plaintively honest about that passion. She has risen to the occasion of every shoot, progressed through every show, taken every dose of criticism with a smile and never let the boys' constantly berating her wear her down. Also, she managed to stay out of any drama, caused no over-the-top theatrics and kept a better attitude from beginning to end than I have ever witnessed on a reality show before. So congratulations, Holly! You deserve the win!