FOX Shifts 'The O.C.,' Extinguishes 'Happy Hour'

This wasn't necessarily the triumphant return from playoff baseball that FOX might have hoped for.

On Friday (Nov. 3), FOX began to shake things up, pulling two shows from its roster and making a move to try to save "The O.C."

Coming off the lowest rating World Series in history, FOX has seen freshman offerings "Justice," "Standoff," "Til Death" and "Happy Hour" come back to the schedule with viewership well below their season averages. In addition, Wednesday's series premiere of British transplant "The Rich List" was rejected by viewers, while the fourth season premiere of "The O.C." was unable to find traction against ABC's "Gray's Anatomy" and CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" on Thursday.

Given the devoted service performed by "The O.C." in recent years, FOX announced Friday that the season's second episode, "The Gringos," will air on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 9 p.m. ET after "Bones." The following night, FOX will air another new "O.C." episode, "The Cold Turkey," in the same Thursday 9 p.m. slot where early estimates had the show bringing in under 3.4 million viewers this week. Althought FOX presents this as a one-week move, it's expected that if "The O.C." is able to deliver a better audience in the Wednesday hour, the show will make a permanent move to that night, where there may be more free-floating viewers after "Lost" goes on its upcoming hiatus.

Leading into the "O.C." episode next Thursday will be a repeat of the comedy "Til Death," following a new episode. Like "The Rich List," "Happy Hour" has been removed from FOX's schedule and the odds of the sitcom returning are low, particularly after it took a beating this week from The CW's "Smallville."