Sci Fi Pulls Plug on 'Painkiller Jane'

Painkiller Jane can regenerate, but her series has died.

The Sci Fi Channel series of the same name based on the comic book and starring Kristanna Loken will end when its final episodes of its first season runs on Sept. 21, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

On the show, DEA Agent Jane Vasco (Loken) gets hired by a covert government agent to hunt down and capture "Neuros," genetically enhanced individuals with superhuman mind powers. But on her first foray, she suddently discovers that she's somewhat out of the ordinary as well. She has incredible regenerative powers that will heal any injury, no matter how large. Unfortunately, she still feels the pain associated with those injuries. Somehow, her strange ability is connected to the Neuros themselves.

The cast also includes Noah Danby, Rob Stewart, Alaina Huffman and Sean Owen Roberts.

Sixteen episodes have aired thus far, and the show will complete its 22-episode first-season order.