MTV Throws a 'Real World' Reunion

MTV, the continuous employment agency for young reality-TV cast members, has hit upon a new way to keep former "Real World" denizens on television.

For the first time in the show's history, "The Real World" is staging a reunion of one season's full cast, in the location where they all first met. "Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas" will bring the seven stars of that season back to the site of their original booze-filled introduction to the nation: the Palms Casino Resort.

"'The Real World Las Vegas' was one of the series' most popular, dare I say infamous editions," series co-creator Jon Murray says. "I know viewers will want to check back into The Palms with the cast and see what they've been up to and what they'll get up to."

That may well be, but dedicated MTV viewers already have some inkling about the Vegas crew's post-"Real World" experience. Of the seven cast members, all but one -- Brynn Smith -- has appeared on a "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" or some other MTV show.

Trishelle Cannatella has parlayed her time on the show into a stint on "The Surreal Life" and a slew of other appearances, Arissa Hill has appeared in Playboy and Steven Hill (no relation) has a few acting roles under his belt.

The Vegas reunion begins filming later this month and will hit the air in late spring. MTV also has another traditional season of "The Real World" in the works in Sydney, Australia.