'Boston Legal' Adds Some Hustle & Flow

The cast shakeups keep coming at "Boston Legal," with "Hustle & Flow" co-star Taraji P. Henson the latest to join the ABC series.

Henson, who also appears in the upcoming film "Talk to Me," will join the show later in the season as a regular cast member, playing a lawyer from the New York office of Crane, Poole & Schmidt brought in by newly arrived partner Carl Sack (John Larroquette, another new addition).

The show will also feature former regulars Mark Valley and Rene Auberjonois in guest roles, along with Saffron Burrows ("Reign Over Me") and Gail O'Grady, who's reprising her part from last season.

Valley will once again play lawyer Brad Chase, who's left the firm but will face off against one of his former co-workers in a case. Auberjonois will continue his role as Paul Lewiston, one of the firm's partners.

O'Grady, recently of The CW's "Hidden Palms," is set to return as Judge Gloria Weldon, who's in a "heated relationship" with Alan Shore (James Spader). Burrows, whose credits also include "Troy" and "Deep Blue Sea," will guest-star in several episodes as a commercial litigator who once had an affair with Alan.

In addition to "Hustle & Flow" and "Talk to Me," Henson has appeared in "Smokin' Aces" and "Something New." Her TV credits include Lifetime's "The Division" and guest spots on "Felicity," "ER" and "House."