Welcome to Our New TV Listings

To help you get familiar with our new listings, here are a few of the features we've added.
  • We've given you greater control over customizing the grid to fit your viewing habits. You can easily sort channels and remove any you don't watch. Registered users can take their settings from computer to computer and can choose to view a five-hour grid instead of the standard three hours.

  • We've added consumer ratings of TV series. You can post your own ratings and see the average ratings of shows. And you don't need to be registered to rate shows.

  • We've posted video clips of popular shows. Look for the video camera icon in the grid.

  • We've expanded your options for highlighting programming you're interested in. Just click the tabs at the top right of the page to highlight Sports, Movies, News and Children's shows. And now you can highlight your personal favorite shows. Just click the "Make a Favorite" link when you see it on a program page. You'll be prompted to register if you haven't already so we can save your settings.

  • We've added a daily calendar where you can keep track of when your favorite shows are airing.

  • We've added icons to indicate when an episode of a series is NEW and what is available in HD.
We hope that you like the changes we've made and welcome your feedback as we continue to improve our site. Go to our FAQ for a link to our feedback form.

Thanks for being a loyal Zap2it user, and enjoy the new listings

Rebecca Baldwin
General Manager