TV Fashion: 'All My Children'

When it comes to television production, few shows are as hectic and chaotic as soap operas. And when it comes to television fashion, few jobs are as complicated as that of costume designer for a daytime soap.

Seriously, do you have any idea how hard it is to pick out a dress to wear for a "just awoke from a coma only to find that your baby has been stolen and your evil twin has assumed your identity and has been practicing medicine for the Mafia even though before your accident you thought you were a concert pianist" party? Virtually impossible. And yet, those stylish kids over at ABC's "All My Children" do it every week.

And because of their success, fans can't get enough of the show. They want to look like, smell like and even sound like their favorite daytime characters. Luckily, ABC has made a conscious effort to help "AMC" fans by loading up the show's Web site store at with a boatload of merchandise that can make all of us feel a little closer to Babe Chandler. It may not make you more stylish, but you'll feel better prepared for when your police officer husband needs to go under cover as a transvestite cabaret singer.

So, out of the myriad items available, what are some of the must-haves? First, let's go casual and grab a T-shirt from Opal's Cluck Cluck Chicken Shack that proudly states they've got "the best breasts, thighs and legs in town!" It's made of 100-percent cotton sheer jersey and costs $24.95. There are also T-shirts available for Erica Kane's new talk show, "New Beginnings," and the ConFusion Bar.

If you've got the need to go a bit more upscale in your admiration, the site also features designer choices, such as Babe's Tracy Reese ballerina-style silk dress with a tie belt, that have found their way onto the backs of some characters. At this writing, the dress had been reduced from its original list price of $372 to a mere $186.

A nice addition to the dress is Babe's Moo Roo gold Italian brocade purse, available for a slightly steep $625. The bag can operate as a clutch and features hand-cast topaz Swarovski crystals.

Other accessories that scream "soap opera" are dangly earrings, and wow, this site has more dangly jewelry than a Mr. T estate sale. Sticking with Babe, there are at least two sets of earrings she's worn on the show: a pair of 18k gold over sterling silver double insert circle earrings by Kim Alessi, 2 inches in length for $104, and a pair of coral and amethyst gold dangle earrings handmade in 14k gold for $217. In addition, there is a beautiful matching multicircle necklace by Kim Alessi. With multicircles and disks in gold with the occasional blue sapphire stone inset, the 16-inch necklace also features an 18k gold Vermeil chain wrapped around blue suede for $280.