TV Fashion: Serena from 'Gossip Girl'

What would television be like in a communist state, where everyone is poor and has no option but to dress in gray overalls? You've got to figure that each episode would feature someone named Natasha standing quietly in a bread line. Which makes a show such as The CW's "Gossip Girl," airing Wednesdays, just one more reason to appreciate capitalism. For without it, would we have snobby, snotty teenagers driving new BMWs, shopping with Daddy's credit cards at Bloomingdale's and preoccupied with gossip blogs and text messaging? Nope. Can I get an amen?

And while that last sentence might sound like a call for a return to Marxism, the truth is that watching a well-dressed hottie like Serena Van Der Woodsen tool around Manhattan in Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren is far more appealing than gray flannel jumpers and stale sourdough.

Serena's return to the Upper East Side from a self-imposed boarding-school exile means that all bets are off and shopping and fashion are back to being a main priority. Not surprisingly, Serena, played by Blake Lively, has been given taste to spare and an enviable bank account.

For those in the know, Tory Burch is a label that has that perfect amount of cachet – well-known among the well-heeled but a relative newcomer to the old guard. If you're like Serena and looking to make a splash, Burch's sequin tunic dress – available only in gold – is the perfect choice because you will sparkle from here to Tuesday. While its true dazzle comes when it's worn as a minidress, it can also be paired with pants, jeans or leggings to mix things up. Not surprisingly, it's not cheap. But not to worry; for all her money and good looks, Serena also sports items that don't break the bank.

Think basics. Everyone needs them, and Serena is no different. OK, she's a little different, but she still needs things like a long-sleeve crew neck T-shirt in black from Petit Bateau – a very hot look for golden tresses. Another basic that's been MIA recently are knee socks, and you can definitely make a statement with Serena's pink Sparkle & Fade cuffed cable knee socks (available at Urban Outfitters), especially when worn with minis or short shorts. Another blast from the past are high-rise waist jeans, and Serena has already been spotted in a pair of Cheap Monday cotton and spandex skintight skyscrapers from Urban Outfitters. Trust us, they are not for the faint of heart.

Of course, what separates Serena from the herd are her accessories. Rich girls love their horse-related apparel, and Ralph Lauren's horseshoe buckle belt in supple leather is perfectly understated and works great with denim or khaki. And the right bag is crucial. A Coach Legacy leather satchel features all the required details of the season: chunky buckles, turnlock closures, vintage leather and a striped lining.