TV Fashion: Shaun Yost of 'John From Cincinnati'

You don't normally associate Cincinnati with surfing, but those crazy kids over at HBO aren't really what you might call traditionalists. Then again, just because you call a show "John From Cincinnati" – which airs Sundays – there's no reason to think you have to base it there. And so we find the Yosts, a brilliant clan of surfers, residing in the coastal town of Imperial Beach, Calif., just shy of the Mexican border.

There, Shaun (Greyson Fletcher), the family's latest surf prodigy, cuts the occasional pipes looking stylish and chic with an enviable blond coif and slick surfing apparel. Hey, he's just a teenager with saltwater and surf wax in his veins – thanks to a bloodline consisting of a father and grandfather who are legends in the sport. But a boy's got to look good on and off the water, and that holds true for the rest of us as well, even if we don't know a stick from a thruster.

Ultimately, the rest of us just want to look good while listening to Dick Dale on the radio. And with a little label knowledge, we can all look the part – despite our Cincinnati upbringing.

What's great about surfing apparel is its grass-roots vibe. Even labels like O'Neill and Billabong started as small operations with little more than some fabric and a passion for surfing. Today, those major labels are mainstream with the likes of Quiksilver and Hurley. A trip to PacSun in your local mall will find you a huge selection from each of these labels.

The first thing a surfer dude needs is a pair of quality board shorts. The current style is to go just below the knee, though Quicksilver seems to be pushing the retro shorter length in a big way. Thanks to the way board shorts are cut, they make anyone's behind look enough to be in front. And while going shirtless is a great way to use up that SPF 50, true surfers wear rash guards – skintight raglan or Lycra shirts that guard against chafing while paddling out. They can be worn under a wet suit or as is for a cooler look.

Once you find your way back to dry land, you'll want to slip into some easygoing footwear to complete the look and keep your toes from frying on the hot sand. Gravis footwear has a nice collection of lowdown slip-ons and sandals, while Hurley has a huge selection of canvas slip-ons, leather sandals and flip-flops.

Of course, all of these items look great on their own, but one accessory you can't do without is an actual surfboard. Channel Island is the brand of choice among those in the know, and it features everything from short boards to long boards to hybrids and retro models. You can also find sweatshirts, headgear, rash guards, socks and board bags at the legendary outfitter.

With the proper purchases, ain't nobody gonna believe you even know where Cincinnati is located.